With Odoo we provide our customers with a well-established ERP solution that can be fitted perfectly to the exact requirements and business processes of their company. In addition to the open source Community Edition, Odoo Enterprise provides a comprehensive and flexible set of applications for any daily task.

The modular structure of Odoo allows us to only setup the applications that are actually relevant to your company. No matter if it is a website with online shop, local sales, stock management, manufacturing, CRM, or accounting: Odoo supports all these and many more use cases out of the box and with minimal configuration efforts.

The web-based user interface allows you to securely access your data and all functionalities from any place or device. Of course the system can also be setup enclosed within your own local network and on your own hardware.

Please feel free to contact us for a functional presentation and assessment of the modules that might be relevant for you. Together we accomplish the full digitization of your business.