To maintain up-to-date knowledge and proficiency using the latest technologies, we are occupied in various projects in research and development. This way we can guarantee to provide services using modern technologies and keep our own expectations regarding quality as high as possible.

Most projects result in prototypes being used for demonstration. However, some of these prototypes have a high potential of evolving further. We focus on continuing the development of such projects and lift the quality to a product standard that we can then offer to our customers.

To distribute our products to customers and interested parties, we utilize Liferay Marketplace, which helps us not only to sell our proprietary software products, but also our free offers to the Liferay community. As one of the few native German companies in the marketplace, we have accomplished a well established position and reached customers worldwide. Updates on a regular basis, fast support at eye-level and the integration of customer driven improvements ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

We offer a 30 day trial license for all our products in Marketplace.