RTG Survey

RTG Survey consists of three portlets that enable our customers to create, perform and analyze surveys inside their Liferay Portal. Whether you are looking for opinions of your registered portal users or need to perform a public survey, RTG Survey is just what you need.

Surveys are easy to create without any switching between different views. Questions can be grouped and sorted by drag & drop and are displayed just like the end user sees them. Our monitoring portlet provides a quick overview of whole surveys and allows you to get detailed information for a single question. Clear separation of survey creation, analysis and participation into three portlets allows for easy role based access to these functions, while keeping each portlet simple and focused on a single purpose.

RTG Survey is available in Liferay Marketplace and offers a 30-day trial license for free. Please feel free to let us know about your experience with our portlets. We are constantly developing new features for our products and eager to fit them to our customer's needs. For feedback of any kind please contact us via ed.elatrop-gtr@stcudorp.


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