To maintain a high standard and efficiently deal with repeated tasks, we utilize various standard solutions. We focus on open source products which is cost efficient and makes these solutions easy to be adapted to all project specific requirements due to our long time experience using them.

Successful project management using Redmine

As a comprehensive solution regarding project management we have gladly been using the platform independent, web based Redmine system. It is easily possible to manage tasks and tickets, register work time, upload documentation and realize other central aspects of project management. Redmine is easily accessible from everywhere and anytime. To achieve a high quality version control for our source code, we use the integrations of common standard tools. This enables an easy linking between various parts of the projects, like feature tickets and dedicated program code. By selecting and configuring the appropriate modules, we provide the exact solution necessary for your projects.

Managing documents using Alfresco

The management and supply of a quantity of documents is a repeated challenge that many companies have to face. We approach this challenge in a professional manner using the web based document management system Alfresco. Appropriate to your requirements, we provide a versioning system and a well structured management of your documents. The integration of workflows using BPMN 2.0, a role based security solution and an efficient search function are possible options for the system. Accessing the system via a mobile platform is as easy as the direct processing of office documents. Thanks to the utilization of widely regarded standards the integration into your existing software architecture is the opposite of a problem.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if further information or a demonstration of the system without any obligations have raised your interest. The best possible integration of our solution into your company is our highest priority.