Software Development

Our services include the development of specifically designed software supporting your processes in a highly efficient manner. We focus on web based applications of any kind, which provide guaranteed reliability, central data management and independence from any kind of software platform. Regarding security issues is as much in our focus as usability.

To achieve said goals, we mainly develop using the platform independent programming language Java. The language supports our tasks with a high variety of predefined standards and frameworks we can access. Our extensive experience using various database systems as well as setting up server infrastructures will suit your needs in integrating our solutions into your processes. During the operation of the system, we will accompany you with administration and maintenance services to ensure the ongoing productivity.

In the following list you can find a selection of technologies, frameworks and tools we are successfully using for our customers on daily basis:

  • Java
  • JSP, JSF, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate
  • JavaScript, React, AUI, jQuery, Ajax, JSON
  • MySQL and Oracle databases
  • Apache Tomcat and HTTP Server, Nginx